You can easily fix the common Keurig issues if you know the reason behind its poor functioning. We have compiled a guide on the most common issues of this coffee maker accompanied by easy fixture ideas.

Let's see how you can bring your Keurig machine back to service!

Keurig Won't Turn On - How to Fix the Most Common Issues?

The Keurig brewer displays a green light whenever you turn it on, which means your coffee maker is ready to use. Sometimes, you turn it on, but there is no green light despite the activated screen. In such a case, your Keuring won't start, and you can't enjoy your favorite drink.

If your Keuring's green indicator doesn't turn on, you need to diagnose the issue behind it and find its fixture. Here is a detailed note on the common issues of the Keurig brewer.

Common Problems of Keurig Coffee Brewer

Common Problems of Keurig Coffee Brewer

If you are struggling with a broken Keurig coffee maker, you should know the reason behind this issue to resolve it. Here are some major problems that can disturb your brewer machine's functioning.

1- Power Switch Issue

The external power switch may not let your Keurig coffee maker "On." The issue may be with the switch itself or the knobs which engage it. Any of them may be damaged or broken, so the brewer will not get the power supply.

2- Poor Functioning Power Cord

The power cord used for your Keurig brewer may be faulty. So, the machine will not start. Here are some common power cord issues.

  • Too many bents in the power cord.
  • The extension is too old to work.
  • It has some cuts.
  • The wires of the cord need to be properly joined.

3- Fuse issue

The thermal fuse may also be a reason that will not let your Keurig start. It will cut off the supply in case of a surge. So, it will not supply power if you don't repair it after the surge. So, it is another common problem, and people often overlook it.

4- Faulty Control Board

If you have a little understanding of your companion, Keurig, you will be aware of its control board. It also has some other names, like circuit board or motherboard, and acts as the brain of your coffee maker.

In case of any issue with the central control board of Keurig, the machine will not even turn On. In most cases, this issue may also not let your brewer work properly.

5- Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat of the Keurig coffee brewer keeps its internal temperature balanced. The machine will not start if its temperature regulating system is not working. So, it may also lead to special issues in the coffee maker.

6- Improper Plugging

The brewer will only turn on if plugged into the power outlet properly. A loose outlet can be a reason if the Keurig is not turning on.

Easy Tips to Fix the Keurig Brewer

Easy Tips to Fix the Keurig Brewer

Restoring the functioning of a Keurig Coffee maker is a simple task, but only when you know how to fix it. Here are some of the most common and easy fixtures for a malfunctioned Keurig brewer.

Reset Your Keurig Brewer

The fastest way to reset a Keurig brewer that is not turning on is y resetting it. But do you know these coffee brewers don't have a reset button? How to reset them with any button?

The Keurig machines come in two variants named Keurig-1 and Keurig-2. Both these variants have different reset methods. Here are resetting tricks for both models by this brand.

I- Resetting Keurig-1 Model

Knowing the exact procedure, you can easily reset your Keurig-1 model brewer. Here are a few easy-to-follow steps for it.

  • Reset the pod lever on your machine. To do this, open it and fix it back again.
  • Then turn the Keurig off by flipping the 'Off' button. You'll find it on the backside of the machine.
  • Now, after you have turned the coffee brewer off, remove its switch from the power cord.
  • Let your machine sit for at least one hour as such.
  • After one hour, remove the water tank of your Keurig machine and leave it for half an hour.
  • Finally, fix the water tank back to its position and attach the machine to the power outlet.
  • Turn the brewer 'On' from the switch at its back.
  • Here you have done it; enjoy your drinks again!

II- Resetting Keurig-2 Model

Keurig-2 has more complications than the previous model due to its computer-driven components. However, you can still reset it. Here is an easy procedure for its resetting.

  • Start by pressing the 'medium cup' and the 'small cup' buttons on the machine alternatively for at least one minute.
  • Move on and press the 'menu' button on your brewer thrice simultaneously.
  • At this stage, the display will show you a 6:09 menu. Press the 'menu' button after seeing this proportion on the screen; it will set the display menu back to 0:00.
  • Press the 'medium cup' button, hold it for some time, and do the same for the 'menu' button soon after releasing the previous one.
  • Keep pressing and releasing the 'small cup' button on your brewer machine while holding its 'medium cup' button.
  • After releasing the 'menu button,' plug and unplug the machine from the electric outlet repeatedly.
  • It will reset the machine and plug it in for the last and final time.
  • Your Keurig brewer is ready to serve you again.

2- Additional Troubleshooting Tips

As mentioned in the above section, your Keurig may not turn on due to some technical or common issue. In case of technical faults, follow the resetting tips. In case of other common issues, the following tips will help restore your brewer's functioning.

  • Check out the switch of your brewer and confirm whether it is plugged into the outlet properly.
  • Diagnose your power supply by running some other appliance in the same outlet. Sometimes, the poor electric supply may be the reason for the improper functioning of your machine.
  • Check the power button of your Keurig and see whether it is pushed well to its 'On' position. Sometimes, you don't push it properly, so your Keurig won't turn on.
  • Check the power cord you are using for your machine. If it has any cut, repair it, and recheck the brewer.


Certain reasons may lead leave your Keurig brewer out of service. But it is not a panic situation, and you can handle it effectively. However, it is possible only when you know the exact reason and its solution.

To facilitate all those struggling with the 'power issue of the Keurig coffee brewer, we have proposed a precise guide. If you are also one, follow the steps mentioned in the above section. Hopefully, these tips will help you restore the functioning of your brewer.

We keep on resolving the most trending queries of coffee lovers. So, be with us for more updates on the coffee ingredients and brewers!

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