Surely, you'll be thinking, why does my Bunn coffee maker overflow? It may be due to the filters, or your machine will need cleaning. But these are not the only reasons for it.

Let's see the most common issues causing this scenario and their easy fixtures.

If your coffee machine is leaking, either Nespresso or Keuring, we have provided an ultimate guide to fix it.

When you know the problem causing the Bunn coffee maker's leakage, you can troubleshoot it with some easy DIY methods. Here are the most obvious causes and their solutions to restore the functionality of your coffee brewer.

Reasons And Solutions Behind Bunn Coffee Maker Overflowing

Why is My Bunn Coffee Maker Overflowing

When you are struggling with 'Why is my Bunn coffee maker leaking the water?', diagnosing the possible reasons for it will help you bring it back to the service. Check whether your brewer is facing any of the following problems.

1- Low Water Level of Reservoir: Disturbed water level is one of the major reasons the brewer doesn't perform well. When your brewer's water tank doesn't have enough water, it will not brew a full cup and may also leak water. So, check whether it is also in your case or not.

2- Poor Coffee Setting: Not all brewers accommodate all coffee types, which is one of the major reasons for Bunn coffee makers' overflowing. If you pour any ground beans, your machine doesn't support them; water will leak.

3- Imbalance Machine: Proper machine balance plays a vital role in brewing coffee effectively. So, check if your Bunn coffee maker is balanced well if overflowing. As soon as you adjust your machine, it will stop leaking water.

4- Overfilled Filter Basket: Proper coffee ground filling in the filter basket will let your machine brew fine. It may overflow if it is overfilled or doesn't have an adequate amount of grounds. If you have fixed all the above issues but still the brewer is leaking water, check out its filter basket.

5- Smaller Output Outlet: If the coffee output outlet of your Bunn coffee maker doesn't synchronize with the input outlet, the speed of water coming out of the filter will be higher than the input. It may also lead to the overflowing issue and is one of the most obvious reasons.

6- Inconsistent Coffee Texture: Some poor quality coffees may also lead to the Bunn coffee maker's overflowing issue. If the texture of the ground beans doesn't remain constant throughout the grinding process, it will not let your brew a perfect coffee cup.

How to Stop Bunn Coffee Maker from Overflowing? - Troubleshooting

How to Stop Bunn Coffee Maker from Overflowing

Finally, you have succeeded in tracing the reason for the overflow of the Bunn coffee brewing machine. After tracing the reason for the overflowing brewer, you can easily fix the issue with some DIY methods.

We have discussed some of the best fixtures for the water leakage of the Bunn coffee maker; pick up the one that suits you the best according to the reason for it.

1- Adjust the Brewing Volume of Your Machine: Each coffee maker has a brewing control knob that helps you control the amount of drink you want in your cup. Sometimes, this knob needs adjustment.

Check the knob and set it to the brewing volume that you actually want. Hopefully, it will fix the overflowing issue.

2- Maintain the Adequate Water Level: Is the above tip not successfully fixing your Bunn coffee brewer's overflowing issue? Don't panic; it was not the only fixture, and you can still resolve it.

As mentioned in the above section, the lower water level in the reservoir is one of the major reasons for the overflowing of the Bunn coffee brewer. So, maintaining the amount of water will restore its functionality. Refill your coffee-making machine's water tank, and try brewing a cup yourself. Hopefully, you'll not face any difficulty this time.

3- Clean the Pod Container: Uneven coffee texture or the leftover residues on the pot will also be the reason for water overflowing from the Bunn coffee brewing machine. So, clean the pot with a spoon and fix the pod again. If this were the reason, the brewer would not overflow the water again.

In some cases, poor coffee brands also cause leakage from the brewer. Changing your drink brand will prove fruitful for you in such a situation. So, use some good quality coffee grounds to eliminate unexpected overflow from your machine.

4- Change the Coffee Filters: Change the old coffee filter with the new Bunn coffee filter. If the filter is the reason, inserting the new ones will resolve the issue.

5- Clean the Bunn Coffee Maker: Poor cleaned Bunn coffee maker will also give you a tough time brewing the coffee. The machine will overflow the water or prepared drink in such a situation.

So, cleaning the brewer will help you fix the overflowing water problem for the coming brewing sessions. It is quite easy to carry out the cleaning procedure with some easy tricks. However, you can wipe all the residues from the brewer with a wet cloth to resume the paused brewing process.

6- Balance Your Bunn Coffee Brewer: Poorly balanced coffee makers will not show the expected result, which may be why your complaint, 'Why does my Bunn coffee pot leak water?'. Some brewers have knobs to balance the machines, while others have fixed paddles.

If you own a Bunn coffee brewer model having leveling knobs, adjust them to maintain the balance. If you have a machine the fixed paddles, place it on an even surface. These steps would fix the issue if none of the above worked for you.


Water overflow from the brewer is a common issue; you are not the only one suffering. However, fixing it becomes quite easy when you know, "Why does my Bunn coffee maker leak?".

We have discussed some of the most obvious reasons for water leakage from the coffee-making machine, followed by effective fixtures. These will be fruitful for you if you are struggling with 'Why does my Bunn coffee maker leak from the bottom?'

So, you are still with us, which shows your passionate love for coffee and brewers. We keep searching for the coffee brewers' trending issues and their fixtures for our visitors. So, be with us for more updates from our team!

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