What to do now? Don't panic; you will not be the only one facing the Nespresso blinking orange light disorder. Here is the best practice to know the reason for this issue and troubleshoot it within no time.

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Nespresso Blinking Orange Light - Causes and Easy Fixtures

Are you struggling with the orange light blinking in your Nespresso? Don't worry. You are not the only one facing this issue. It is not a kind of irreparable fault.

If you know the possible reason for your Nespresso orange light blinking issue, you can easily fix it with some simple fixtures. Here are some possible reasons for this problem, accompanied by simple troubleshooting ideas. Let's learn how to restore the functioning of your unique companion!

Why is Nespresso Blinking Orange Light? - Common Reasons

Why is Nespresso Blinking Orange Light?

Being a regular user of the Nespresso machine, you will know it uses orange light as a signal to alert you. When you see this light blinking, you will automatically judge the machine requires your attention.

However, sometimes it may blink repeatedly. What is the reason for it? Don't overthink; here are some common reasons for the regular blinking of the orange light.

  • You need to empty your machine
  • It is time to clean the machine
  • Your machine requires descaling
  • The water tank of the machine is empty and needs to be refilled
  • Overload
  • Overheating of the machine
  • The machine's parts are not working properly

If you observe the repeated blinking of your Nespresso coffee machine's orange light, it will face any of the above issues. So, check it calmly and move on to fix the issue.

Troubleshooting Nespresso Blinking Orange Light

Troubleshooting Nespresso Blinking Orange Light

By the orange light blinking time, you can easily judge the reason and proper fixture of a particular issue with the machine. Different intervals mean different issues, which will need different treatments. Let's see how to get rid of each time of blinking!

Whenever your Nespresso needs a deep cleaning, its orange light will blink twice per second. So, whenever you see such an alert, go for a thorough cleaning of your coffee partner. Follow the following procedure to clean your machine.

  • Unplug your machine for safety purposes!
  • Take out the capsule by opening the head of the Nespresso.
  • Clean the coffee residue from the head of the machine with a paper towel.
  • Remove the water tank and wash it thoroughly with fresh water.
  • Clean the paper towel with a clean wet cloth and then with a dry one.
  • Remove the tray and pod containers and rinse them.
  • Set the head and other parts back in their place and plug the machine in.
  • Let it heat up, and then clean it automatically thrice.
  • After this, your machine is ready for the next rounds!

2- The Lighting is Fading Off

Pulling off the orange light at the Nespresso coffee machine is an alert of overheating. A normal machine overheats after ten grinding rounds, so it is not a panic situation. Here is how to handle such light blinking.

  • Turn your Nespresso off by pushing its button down.
  • Push the button onward and let the machine sit for 20 minutes before reusing it.
  • The orange light blinking issue will get resolved, so enjoy your drink!

If the orange light of your Nespresso blinks twice repeatedly and then turns off, it is a sign of some common issue. Here are some methods to get rid of such an issue.

  • Check the capsule and place it properly.
  • See if the lever is loose; tighten it.
  • Make sure that the water tank has enough water.
  • Turn off your machine, reset the capsule, lock the head, and turn it on.
  • Hopefully, the machine light will not blink again.

Sometimes, the Nespresso orange light will blink after every 1.5 seconds, turns off, and restarts after 0.5 second. What is wrong with such a machine?

Don't worry; it is a normal issue, and you can handle it easily. The blinking of orange light after 1.5 seconds means the machine's water level is low or there is no water. Here is what to do in such a case.

  • Remove your Nespresso water tank.
  • Drain the water, if any.
  • Rinse it to clean any residue in it.
  • Refill the water and place it back in its position.
  • The light will not blink like before, so enjoy your coffee sessions as usual!

Sometimes, your machine will need to be restored. In such a case, its orange light will blink ten times in a low time of 5 seconds. It is not a panic situation; you can handle it easily. Proceed as follows to restore your machine!

  • Open your Nespresso head.
  • Take off the used capsule and close the head.
  • Don't lock the lever; leave it in unlocked condition.
  • Now, push the Lungo button five times within 3 seconds.
  • The machine's orange light will blink five times, showing it has been restored.
  • Now, enjoy your routine drinks.

Sometimes, the Nespresso machine gets scaled with the minerals. It will affect the quality of your coffee, so descaling is necessary.

You can easily descale your machine with a single button push on the machine. Remember, you can't stop the descaling process, so go for it when you have leisure time.

Unlike the cleaning system, which you can stop as per your will, descaling will stop just upon its completion. It will take at least 20 minutes the completion of the descaling process.

After the descaling completion, your Nespresso will restart automatically. So, leave it once you have started the process. After you descale the machine, the orange light blinking will also stop. Enjoy your coffee!


Nespresso orange light blinking is not a major problem; it is a simple alert to address common issues like overheating, overloading, or cleaning. Fixing this issue is not a big deal if you succeed in figuring out the reason.

We have proposed all the possible reasons for the orange light blinking of the Nespresso. After figuring out the cause of the blinking, reset your coffee maker. Hopefully, this guide will help you if you are struggling with such an issue.

Our team researches the coffee makers' common problems to propose reasonable but easy solutions. So, be with us for more updates in this niche!

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