Nespresson Coffee Machine

Nespresso machine is designed to make espresso, cappuccino, lungo and macchiato coffee. However, it can also make hot water for tea or other hot drinks such as hot chocolate or chai. The machines are available in different sizes with different features depending on how many people we want to serve at once.

Older Nespresso Machines

The older Nespresso machines buying guide will help you make a better choice for you because we see you in a better and easier way to choose a brand-oriented and variety of products.

Thus, Nespresso machines were first launched as an office product to quickly have good coffee for many people sharing the same machine. Back then, offices had ordinary coffee machines, with no innovation, and up-market ways to brew are often present today. Quite good coffee with no effort to brew required by an espresso machine was easy, a hit in most offices.
Older Nespresso Machines

Nespresso Machine Comparison

The old Nespresso models, known as the original line, brew only espresso pods, but the new models are also demanding in the market. Some models of Nespresso machine are::


Our Rating


Creatista Plus


The latte art-loving espresso enthusiast seeking the most beverage variety and the most creative control over the drink-making process

Latissima Pro


The espresso enthusiast willing to trade some drink customization in favor of ease of use. Especially great for those who like to make larger or multiple milk-based drinks daily.

Latissima One


Espresso drinkers are looking to spend less on a machine that is still a quick and easy way to make single-serve milk-based drinks.



Those with limited countertop space want an espresso machine that looks as good as its coffee tastes. Option to buy with or without the Aeroccino milk Frother.

Essenza Mini


Those with limited countertop space looking for a no-fuss way to brew espresso quickly.

Nespresso Gran Lattissimia is the best among all 5 Lattissimia Nespresso machines. It has nine preset beverage recipes with a 44 oz reservoir, a 17 oz milk container, and Frother for DIY drinks.

Pros of Nespresso Machine

  • The pump pressure of the Nespresso machine is better than the VertuoLine machine
  • One-touch milk frother is integrated, which makes it easy for you to prepare specialty beverages
  • A large capacity for capsules usage
  • A machine that won't break down easily as it has solid internal construction
  • It can use other brands' capsule
Nespresso Machine

Picking the right coffeemaker would be a challenge — especially for a brand with many options. As with any piece of equipment that takes up precious real estate on your kitchen counter, you are deciding on which Nespresso model to purchase can feel like a major commitment. With so many options on the market, learning the basics is key to making the right choice.

How To Choose the Best Nespresso Coffee Machine for You?

First, Nespresso coffee machines are divided into Original and Vertuo. The Original line only makes espresso-based drinks, but their variety expands with the complexity and price of the machine. The Vertuo line can make a wider range of drink sizes, including espressos, double espressos (2.7 ounces), and lungos (espresso with more water), in addition to regular cups of drip-style coffee in both eight-ounce and 12-ounce sizes.

Pros of Nespresso Original

  • More choices of coffee machines and cheaper options are available
  • More choices of coffee brands and flavors to try
  • Cheap and compostable third-party capsules are available

But all of these Nespresso Original machines generally only make espresso or longer espresso-based drinks. They usually come with a milk frothing option or can be bought as a bundle with the Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother, so you can froth up milk to make lattes, cappuccinos, and other milky coffee-based drinks.

  • Can make bigger, longer filter-style coffees and espressos with one machine
  • The Barcode system adjusts the temperature, length, and brewing time to suit our specific coffee.

Cons Of Nespresso Vertuo

They are a Limited range of machines and high entry prices, even Locked into Nespresso-branded capsules, and Capsules are much bigger. Vertuo coffees are designed to work best with cold milk.

Nespresso has even coined a new drink, the 'Reverso,' created by putting milk in your cup first and then allowing the coffee to brew over it, though we found this left us with a rather tepid brew.

You could gently heat some in the microwave if you prefer warm milk with your espresso. Three Vertuo machines are available, ranging from £99 to £199. The main differences are in capacity and looks, but one model has an automated opening and closing and a portable water tank.

If you don’t know how to reset your coffee machine. Here is how you can do it.

Choosing the best Nespresso machine

Whether you decide on a Nespresso Original or Vertuo machine, you'll want to find a coffee machine that makes great coffee. We've tested all the current Nespresso models and found some brilliant machines that make excellent espresso and others that fall flat on flavor, under-extracting your brew.

Price is no indicator of performance. We've found good and mediocre options at every price.

The cost of some of our highest-scoring Nespresso machines ranges from as little as £70 to more than £250. While some of the lesser-performing models we've tested sell for upwards of £300.

Final Words

Key differences between Nespresso machines that you'll want to consider are

  • Size: Nespresso machines range from tiny models around the size of a travel kettle to powerful machines approximately half the size of a microwave.
  • Capacity: the size of the water tank and capsule bin varies between models, which affects how often you'll need to add more water and empty the bin, especially if you're using the largest Vertuo capsules.
  • Milk frothing: if you want to be completely hands-off, choose a model with automatic frothing from the Lattissima range. Other models either have a steam pipe for manual frothing (like on a traditional machine) or can be bought with the standalone Aeroccino 3 automatic milk frother for around £50 extra.
  • Smartphone controls: the Expert machines can be controlled via the Nespresso app on your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth.
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