What does Nespresso's yellow blinking light mean? Certain errors can lead to such a situation, and you can judge the exact reason with the light pulsing pattern. No matter what the issue is, you can fix the issue with a few easy tricks.

Let's see what hacks can help you fix the Nespresso yellow blinking light issue.

Nespresso Yellow Light - Meaning and Quick Fixtures

Before troubleshooting the issue, you should know what a blinking yellow light means. You can't fix the issue without knowing the exact reason behind it.

The count and timing of Nespresso Vertuo yellow light blinking can help you diagnose the real reason. Let's learn the meaning of a particular pulsing pattern of this indicator.

Sr. No

Yellow Light Blinking Pattern 



The light blinks twice per second 

Cleaning time 


It blinks thrice per second 

Time to descale the machine 


Turns ‘On’ and ‘Off’ repeatedly 



It blinks twice per second and then remains ‘Off’

Technical error 


Turns ‘On’ and ‘Off’ with time proportion 1.5s:0.5s

Water tank is empty 


It blinks five times per 10 seconds 

Reset the machine 


Changes the flashing colors, white and yellow

Imminent descaling alert 

How to Fix the Nespresso Yellow Light Error?

How to Fix the Nespresso Yellow Light Erro

With time and count of the yellow light indicator on your Nespresso brewer, you can easily trace its exact reason. Now that you have diagnosed the cause behind the error, you'll have to fix it to enjoy your next coffee sessions.

Fortunately, you can use easy and simple DIY tricks to eliminate the flashing yellow light indicator. Depending on your situation, follow any of the following troubleshooting methods.

When your Nespresso shows a yellow light error that blinks twice a second, it means you need to clean the brewer. Cleaning is damn easy; you can accomplish it by following this procedure.
  • Open the pod container of your Nespresso brewer and remove the used capsule.
  • When you open the head, clean the area with a clean damp paper towel.
  • Remove the water tank and rinse it with clean water.
  • Refill the water reservoir with the water and place it in its position.
  • Remove the cup support and rinse it.
  • Place a container under the output duct of the coffee brewer.
  • Lock the machine head if empty, and push the start button thrice within two seconds.
  • Now, your machine will enter the cleaning phase.
  • Once the whole water is consumed, the brewer will stop automatically.
  • Hopefully, there will be no yellow light error now; enjoy your drinks!

Sometimes, the yellow light on your Nespresso Vertuo brewer will flash thrice per second. It indicates the descaling time. Being an amateur coffee lover, you may know that running hot water leaves some minerals on different parts of the machine.

These minerals are hard to remove, so simple cleaning can't eliminate them. If you ignore this alert, your coffee taste may suffer. Moreover, the minerals clogging may not let you brew a full cup.

So, you'll have to descale the coffee maker. It is quite easy and you can use the Nespresso descaling kit or different descaling agents to remove the stuck minerals from your machine.

3- Yellow Light Pulsing

Are you struggling with the yellow light pulsing error on your coffee brewer? Don't worry; you are not the only one going through this situation. It is an indicator of an overheated Nespresso machine.

Getting rid of this type of Nespresso yellow light error is not a big deal. Let your brewer cool before you use it for the next brewing sessions. Hold the 'On'/'Off' button for at least three seconds; it will turn the machine 'Off.'

Push the button again to turn the machine 'On.' Let it sit in this condition for at least half an hour. After the said time, restart the machine. Hopefully, there will be no error this time.

Some mistakes may lead to common or technical machine errors. In such a situation, the Nespresso coffee brewer will show a yellow light error when it blinks and then goes 'Off' permanently.

This case can be when you are descaling the machine, cleaning it, or changing the pod. If you don't place the pod correctly or leave the lever loose, the indicator turns on and off. So, check out these things if you show such an error.

The coffee brewer uses an electric board that may suffer from some technical glitch. Call the professional if the error still exists even after looking for the above reasons. There will be some technical error in the board of your coffee maker.

5- Yellow Light Turns 'On' and 'Off' With a 1.5s:0.5s Proportion

You may wonder, 'why is my Nespresso light yellow for different time proportions.' It is due to the empty water tank of the brewer. So, refill the tank and place it back in its position. The error will no longer be there.

If your Nespresso brewer's yellow light flashes five times in 10 seconds, it is time to restore the factory of your brewer. So, reset the coffee maker to get rid of this issue.

Resetting the brewer is quite easy; you can accomplish it in a few steps. After you have done it, your Nespresso machine will have no yellow light error.

7- Yellow and White Light Blinking

Sometimes, the Nespresso yellow light blinking is accompanied by white light. It is a pre-descaling alert showing the high quantity of minerals stuck on different parts of your machine.

When you see such an alert, it is good to carry out the descaling procedure. If you ignore it, you'll feel a change in the coffee taste. So, you'll have to proceed with the descaling after consuming a few pods.

Instead of experiencing the bad-tasting coffee, it is good to descale the Nespresso coffee brewer soon after you see the yellow and white light alert. Once you have done it, there will be no errors, and you can enjoy your next coffee sessions.


Certain reasons may lead to the Nespresso yellow light error, but it is not a panicking state. You can easily reset your coffee maker to eliminate such an error.

But all this is possible when you know the reason behind the Nespresso yellow blinking light error. We have discussed all the possible patterns of this error and its reasons. So you can easily pick up the best remedy for your trouble.

We keep on supporting our visitors struggling with coffee brewer issues. Stay connected with us for more updates if you are also a passionate coffee lover!

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