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Nespresso Vertue Next vs. Vertueplus- What's The Difference?

Nespresso has been a world-renowned coffee brand for nearly two decades. Their products are known for their quality and affordability, making them accessible to all coffee lovers.

Their Nespresso Vertuo line offers various espresso machines with different features and capabilities that allow users to choose the best suits their needs.

Two models from this line are VertuoPlus and VertuoNext. These machines are essentially the same except for their water tank capacity, which is more than twice as much as the latter. This article will compare these two models to help you determine which best suits your needs.

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The first thing you should consider when buying an espresso machine is its design because it affects how easy it is to use and how much space it takes up on your countertop or kitchen cabinet.

Both models of Nespresso machines have elegant designs with stainless steel bodies and black accents that make them look modern and stylish simultaneously; however, they differ slightly in terms of dimensions:

The design of the Nespresso Vertuo Next is modern and sleek. It has a black exterior with silver accents on the water tank cover and drip tray. This model has a larger footprint than the Vertuoplus because it has a larger water tank of 1 liter.

Nespresso Vertuo Next is larger than the Vertuoplus, with a height of 16 cm and a width of 18 cm.

The design of the Nespresso Vertuoplus is less modern than its competitor but still attractive with its brushed silver finish. It has a smaller footprint than the Nespresso Vertuo Next because it has a smaller reservoir (0.7 liters). The reservoir lid on this model flips up to access its controls instead of sliding out like in other models.

Nespresso Vertuo Manual - Easy To Understand & Follow
The Nespresso Vertuo is a top-of-the-line espresso coffee machine. This guide will help you learn everything you need to know about the Nespresso Vertuo, including how to use and care for it.

The Vertuoplus comes in at 15 cm high and 13 cm wide.

VertuoPlus and VertuoNext


Nespresso Vertuo Next has an improved extraction system that uses two separate chambers to deliver water at optimal temperature and pressure to the coffee puck.

The machine also has an automatic milk frothing system that produces foam at low temperatures for lattes and cappuccinos without spilling any liquid or creating unwanted foam bubbles.

Vertuoplus has a built-in coffee grinder that lets you grind beans before brewing, so you can customize your brew just how you like it.

This model also has an automatic capsule ejector mechanism, so you don't have to remove capsules from their holder after brewing is complete manually—press a button.

The Nespresso Vertuo has a touchscreen interface that makes it easy to use, while the Vertuoplus does not have this feature.

However, both machines are relatively simple to operate and will only take a few minutes for most people to figure out how to use them properly.

Nespress VertuoPlus VS VertuoNext?? What's the Difference?


In terms of performance, both models produce high-quality espresso shots and lungos every time. They use Nespresso's patented technology to brew your coffee with just the right amount of pressure and temperature. The shot quality will vary based on which coffee capsules you use, but both models are designed to help you get the best results from whatever type of capsule you choose.

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The Nespresso Vertuo is the most expensive of the two machines, with a retail price of $265. The Nespresso Vertuo Plus retails for $160

The Vertuoplus is a mid-range machine that's priced at $80. It has fewer features than the other two machines, but it does have a temperature control feature.

Nespresso Vertuo

Nespresso Vertuo vs Evoluo

The Nespresso Vertuo vs. Evoluo is one of the most popular espresso machines today. The two machines are very similar in design and function, and they are both excellent options for anyone looking to purchase an automatic espresso machine. However, there are some key differences between these two devices that you should consider before making your decision.


The Evoluo offers some great features that make it easy to use and enjoy. It has a programmable touchscreen display allows you to pick your drink using just one button. It also has an automatic milk frother, so you can easily enjoy milk in your coffee.

Vertuoplus has a built-in coffee grinder that lets you grind beans before brewing, so you can customize your brew just how you like it.


The Nespresso Vertuo is a sleek machine with a silver exterior and black buttons. It has a rounded base, making it look modern, elegant, and easier to store. The Evoluo is also sleek, with a black base and silver lid. It has chrome accents around the buttons, adding extra flair to this device's design.


These machines have impressive performance capabilities compared to other similar products today. Both offer quick heat-up times for fast brewing without compromising espresso quality or flavor; however, the Evoluo offers even faster heating thanks to its double boiler system, which allows water temperature adjustments up until brew time without sacrificing quality or taste.


The Nespresso Vertuo costs $265 while the Evoluo costs $166; however, when you add shipping costs on top of those prices, it starts looking like there's no real difference between these two machines—but there is! You see, when you purchase the Evoluo directly.

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Wrapping Up

Nespresso Vertue is a great choice for a premium machine that can brew your favorite espresso drinks. It has all the features you can expect from a high-end espresso machine, and it also has a sleek and compact design that makes it ideal for small spaces.

VertuePlus is another option if you are looking for a less expensive Nespresso machine. It has many of the same features as the Nespresso Vertue, including a built-in grinder and milk frother. The only major difference between these two machines is the price: VertuePlus costs about $200 less than Vertue. It makes it an affordable option for those who need more time to be ready to spend big bucks on an espresso machine.

Evoluo is another option because it offers several different brewing options at an affordable price. You can choose between regular or lungo cups, allowing you to enjoy your favorite drink without having to buy two different machines.

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