Nespresso machines are undoubtedly efficient espresso makers where you can brew multiple types of coffee. If you have newly bought a Nespresso machine, calibrating the Nespresso pod sizes is essential to understand the appropriate use of it.

The pod sizes range from single espresso (40 ml) to Alto XL (414 ml). However, the pod size and shape can vary depending on the type of Nespresso. This guide has elaborated on the different types and sizes of Nespresso pods to help you better know your pour.

Types of Nespresso Pod Sizes

Regarding the types of Nespresso machines and their compatible pod sizes, these are categorized into two types, i.e., VertuoLine & OriginalLine.

Nespresso OriginalLine

OriginalLine coffee makers have a wide range of brewing options and offer a variety of pod sizes. But you can not use Nespresso's original pod inside a vertuo because the pod sizes are not interchangeable. You can make espresso, ristretto, and lungo in the original machine.

Nespresso VertuoLine

On the other hand, the Vertuo pods are suitable only for the Nespresso Vertuo machine. You can easily make single and double espresso, gran lungo, and mug-sized regular coffee.

Vertuo can usually brew five pod sizes, but sometimes you can also brew a sixth pod pour-over carafe in it. You can buy Nespresso pods from different places.

Nespresso VertuoLine

Pod Type

Coffee Serving Size (oz)


1.35 oz


3.71 oz

Vertuo Espresso

1.35 oz

Vertuo Double Espresso

2.7 oz

Vertuo Gran Lungo

5.07 oz

Vertuo Alto

14 oz

Nespresso OriginalLine Pod Sizes


Espresso is concentrated coffee usually served in small shots of 1.35-ounce (40ml) volume. You can drink it simply black or add different ingredients to alter its recipe.

You can make a wide range of drinks, including lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, and macchiatos with espresso pods in Nespresso's older machines too.


The Nespresso OriginalLine Lungo is served in 3.7 ounces of espresso coffee. For its brewing, more water is added compared to the espresso shot. That’s why it has more volume and additional caffeine.

You can enjoy your less intense but more bitter drink for a long time.


Compared to other Nespresso pod sizes, Ristretto is the shortest espresso shot. It has a strong and more flavorful taste due to extra water than a regular espresso shot. Some coffee lovers claimed that the ristretto coffee pod has a sweeter flavor than espresso.

Nespresso VertuoLine Pod Sizes

Single Espresso

This 1.35-ounce small shot espresso has highly concentrated coffee. You can not fill your mug in this pod size.

Double Espresso

The double espresso pod size is almost similar to the single espresso but has a larger size of up to 2.7 ounces. With this, you get the opportunity to make a bigger cappuccino or americano without running the single pod twice.

A double espresso pod is advantageous because you will spend less time brewing with cheaper resources. Usually, a single pod costs 95 cents, while the double espresso pod costs $1.10.

Gran Lungo

Another Nespresso pod size, gran lungo, is 5.07-ounce espresso brewed with more water content than a double espresso. This will increase the volume and caffeine amount in the drink.

You can enjoy your coffee for longer with this large pod size.


With the Nespresso coffee pod, you can make 8 ounces of a regular American coffee cup. You will find variations in these pods, from flavored to unflavored.

This one is the right choice if you want a large coffee without much milk. To make them more delicious, you can add crema on the top.

Alto XL

Alto XL pod is larger at 14 ounces compared to 8 ounces of coffee pods. This one is the most common pod size rated for most coffee per pod due to its large size.

Pour-Over Carafe

In advanced VertuoLine models, you can brew a pour-over carafe-style pod 18 ounces in volume. This one is twice the size of a regular coffee pod.

This pod size will prove very economical if you have to serve a large gathering at home.

Pour-Over Carafe

Final Takeaway

Nespresso pod sizes vary and usually offer coffee between 40 ml to 414 ml. You can find small drinks in Nespresso OrginalLine, while Nespresso Vertuo is more suitable for larger servings.

Considering the affordability, Nespresso OriginalLine is more affordable than Vertuo, which is slightly more expensive. Hopefully, now you better understand the different coffee pod sizes.

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