The Reason Why Keurig Touchscreen Not Working

For any appliance, the touchscreen is a very important part. It is used to control the device and make it function properly.

One of the most common complaints about the Keurig touchscreen coffee maker is that it doesn't work. It's frustrating to have a device that you expect to work flawlessly; instead, it just sits there and does nothing. It can be especially frustrating if you have a busy morning routine and need a cup of coffee immediately.

There are many reasons why the Keurig touchscreen is not working:

Interruption In Power Supply

The first is that the machine's power supply may have been interrupted during use. It can happen if you unplug the machine while it's still running or move it while plugging it into a socket. The second cause of touchscreen issues is a faulty power adapter. The third cause of touchscreen issues is low battery power.

Water In The Tank Is Not Enough

One of the main reasons is that the water you put into your Keurig needs to be hot enough to brew coffee. If you have tried everything and your touchscreen still isn't working, there could be a few other reasons why this might be happening.

Cold Water Is Not Heat Up

Using cold water in your Keurig will not heat up enough to brew the coffee properly. To fix this problem, try boiling some water on the stovetop until it reaches a full boil, then pour it into your Keurig and brew as usual. You can also try using hot tap water instead of boiling water from the stove if you don't want to wait for it to boil.

Dirt Or Grime Built Up

Another reason your touchscreen may not be working is that dirt or grime is built up around the edges of where the buttons are located on the front panel of your machine.

To clean off this grime, use an electronic toothbrush with soft bristles on each button until no more dirt comes onto its bristles; then wipe off any remaining dirt with a paper towel or cloth napkin so that only clean plastic remains.

Here is the guide to Descale your machine

The Touch Screen Needs To Be Clean

Make sure to wipe the screen with a damp rag or paper towel before using it again. If dirt is getting in between your finger and the screen, it may be difficult for the machine to register your touch properly.

The Machine Is Dropped

The machine has been dropped or damaged in some way that could affect its ability to register touches accurately. If this happens, we recommend contacting Keurig customer service for assistance in repairing or replacing your machine.

The Machine Is Dropped

Why Is Keurig 2.0 Touchscreen Not Working?

The Keurig 2.0 touchscreen is a great new feature that allows you to control your Keurig with just a touch of the screen. But if you find yourself having trouble making it work, here are some things to check:

First, make sure that your Keurig is plugged in and turned on. If it's not, then there's nothing for the touchscreen to connect with and display information about your brewing progress.

Second, make sure that you're pressing the right button on your touchscreen. For example, if you want to press a button labeled "strong," don't accidentally press one labeled "medium." It will need clarification on what you're trying to do and what will happen when you press it (which can lead to problems).

Third, ensure that nothing is blocking your touchscreen from getting a good signal from its base station or power source (if any).


How To Fix it?

If your Keurig's touchscreen isn't responding, the problem could be in several places. Here are some troubleshooting tips to get you started:

Check The Power Supply

Make sure that your Keurig is plugged into an outlet with power and that the outlet has power.

Unplug your machine from the wall and let it sit for 5 minutes before plugging it back in. It will reset the touch screen.

Check for loose cables or connections between the Keurig and its power supply. Please ensure no loose cables or connections between the Keurig and its power supply.

Remove The Reservoir

Remove the reservoir and use a soft-bristled toothbrush with warm water and soap to clean any coffee grounds or debris from the screen assembly (the part where you put your K-Cup). Rinse thoroughly with cold water and let dry completely before replacing the reservoir on your machine.

Reset Your machine

In most cases, a simple reboot will do the trick. Just unplug the Keurig machine and plug it back in again. If that doesn't work, try unplugging the power cord from the wall and waiting 30 seconds before reconnecting it. If that doesn't help, try unplugging and reconnecting both ends of the power cord to ensure they're properly seated.

Setup Your Machine Correctly

Make sure that your Keurig is set up correctly—if you've been using it for a while and want to change something about how it runs (like changing your cup size); you'll need to reset the settings before using it again.

It's easy! Hold the power button until all the lights flash off, then press 'start' once more when they turn back on again.


Make sure you're pressing on the right spot. The touchscreen has two zones—the left and right side—and each has a different function. Pressing on either zone will turn you on or off your machine, but only pressing on the left side will change the brewing settings (water temperature, brew size, etc.


The above points are the reasons why your Keurig touchscreen isn't working. And also, we have discussed some easy ways to fix it and get it back to normal. If you have any other problem with your Keurig, feel free to leave us a comment below this article. We will try our best to help you out with your problem.

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