Certain reasons may not let your coffee maker brew the full cup, and figuring out the issue is the first step to bringing your machine back to service. Be calm if you don't know how to fix the "Keurig not brewing a full cup" issue.  

This guide will help you not only in tracing the issue but also in fixing the problem quickly. So, let's get started with it!

Keurig Not Brewing a Full Cup? - Reasons and Fixtures

Sometimes, the Keurig machine fails to make even a cup of coffee for you. Different factors contribute to this problem, so understanding the issue is the first step to fixing it. Here is a deep insight into the possible reasons and easy fixtures to the misbehaving brewer.

Why is Keurig Not Brewing a Full Cup?

Why is Keurig Not Brewing a Full Cup

It's wrong to claim a similar reason is not letting your Keurig machine brew a full cup of coffee. The reasons vary from situation to situation and brewer to brewer. Here are some possibilities that may affect the performance of your coffee maker.

1- Clogged Exit Needle

The Keurig coffee brewer has needles that make holes in the pods when brewing the coffee. These holes let the hot water pass through the pods to brew the coffee.

Sometimes, coffee grounds may get stuck in the exit needle of the Keurig coffee maker. So, they may block the output way, and the brewer will not make even a single cup. It is one of the major reasons why the brewer is not making a drink for you, so checking the exit needle is a good idea.

2- Mineral Scaling

Being an amateur coffee consumer, you will know the mineral scaling issue in the coffee maker very well. The hot water running through the machine has some hard minerals. The brewer's filter catches them to make the drink pure.

However, the Keurig brewer will need descaling after a certain time. When it is not making a single coffee cup for you, it may be time to descale the machine. If you keep cleaning your coffee maker after every 3-4 months, the blockage chances will decrease to a remarkably low level.

3- Water Reservoir Gets Detached

Sometimes, the water reservoir of the coffee brewer gets detached when you are brewing your drink. If you don't fix it back to the position, the machine will fail to brew a single cup for you.

So, check your Keurig's water reservoir tube when it is not brewing coffee. It may be the reason for the malfunctioning coffee maker.

4- Faulty Brewing Basket

Another reason that will affect the overall functionality of your Keurig brewer is the faulty brewing basket. The coffee maker will not brew coffee for you in such a situation.

How to Troubleshoot Keurig Not Brewing a Full Cup?

How to Troubleshoot Keurig Not Brewing a Full Cup

Fortunately, certain tips will help you if you can't prepare the coffee with your brewer. Here are some easy fixtures for it.

1- Unclog the Exit Needle

As mentioned in the above section, the coffee grounds may get stuck in the exit needle and will not let the water pass through the pods. So, cleaning the needles will restore the functionality of your coffee maker.

You can use the orange tool to unclog the needles. But if you have lost the kit, follow these steps to perform the cleaning.

  • Start by turning the brewer "Off."
  • Next, take the water tank out.
  • Remove the pod holder of your Keurig machine.
  • Now, push the lever to see the exit needle.
  • Hold down the needle and flip the holder.
  • Check the entrance and exit of the needle; insert the paper from one end, and take it out from the other end.
  • Run the paper through the needle until it gets clear.
  • Meanwhile, rinse the pod holder with water.
  • Rinse the needle with warm water, and you have done it.
  • Enjoy your coffee sessions!

2- Descale the Keurig Brewer

Descaling the brewer will also bring your Keurig back to service. If you cannot run your coffee maker for a single cup, it is time to descale it. So, manage cleaning the stuck minerals from the coffee maker if it is not making a full cup for you.

If you don't descale the Keurig, different minerals and hard particles may lodge in different brewer parts. Carry out the descaling procedure once after every three or four months.

3- Fix the Water Reservoir

The detached water reservoir will not let you brew drinks for you. So, you'll have to fix the reservoir back to its place to resolve the issue.

Moreover, the tube connecting the reservoir and machine may be clogged due to some issues. The clogging issue may get resolved after descaling; however, if you can't fix it, follow these steps.

  • Clean the area where the reservoir connects with the machine using water.
  • Then clean the area with a clean cloth manually.
  • Pour the water through the tube to unclog it.
  • You can also use the air pressure to unclog the tube.

4- Try Cleaning the Air Pump

Poor-performing air pump of the Keurig may also be a reason for its poor performance. It is due to the extra air storage in the machine.

Different tips can help you to release the extra air trapped in the reservoir. Shake the brewer well, it will lose the air pressure, and you can get a full cup of coffee. Moreover, refilling the reservoir before it gets empty will also help you in the future.

5- Reset the Brewer Basket Issue

A faulty Keurig basket also affects its performance, and you can't brew a full cup. Changing the basket can help you to resolve the issue.

If you have a Keurig brewer that is less than a year old, you can contact the dealer. They will send you a new replacement basket free of cost. But you'll have to purchase the one if your machine is older than one year.


A coffee brewer is one of the favorite machines for passionate coffee lovers who start their day with it. So, the 'Keurig not brewing a full cup' is a hard state for them.

If you are also struggling with the poor-performing Keurig brewer, the above steps can help you a lot. Follow these tips; you'll restore the functionality of your machine quickly.

We keep on updating amateur coffee lovers on different ideas and tricks. So, be with us for more updates!

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