In this post, we have shared some of the common as well as hidden reasons which can cause this trouble, and you can resolve them by knowing the possible solution.

Why Keurig Keeps Shutting Off & How to Fix It

There is the possibility of several issues with your Keurig, and here we have covered the most-occurring reasons for this problem.

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Clogged Exit Needle

Your Keurig machine has two needles, one beneath the pod holder and the other at the underside where the brew head opens. It is necessary to make a small hole at the top of the capsule and at its bottom to allow the water to flow through the K-cup.

There is the least possibility of needles getting blocked if you ensure regular cleaning. In case of negligence, the coffee grinds will accumulate around the needle to prevent it from piercing the K-cup. This will restrict hot water's passage through K-cup, automatically shutting off the system.


By cleaning the needles, you can fix this issue. You can clean it with special tools or use the paper clip method. To poke a hole in the capsule or pad by applying some pressure inside the pod basket to puncture it.

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Bent Or Broken Needle

Sometimes the needle gets bent or breaks during the process, which you can simply fix by replacement.


Replacing broken or bent needles isn’t a hefty task. However, make sure to get needles compatible with the machine. Also, be cautious with needles because they are sharp.

Displaced Magnet In Water Tank

Inside the water reservoir or tank, you will see a magnet that is used to detect the water level. Excessive use of the machine sometimes displaces the magnet from its original position, being another cause for Keurig to keep shutting off when the water level remains undetected.


Give a little shake or tap the water tank to move the magnet. If the magnet still remains stuck, remove water from the tank and clean it to refill it.

Displaced Magnet In Water Tank

Limescale Buildup Required Descaling

It is essential to clean and descale Keurig over time. Descaling helps eliminate limescale and other debris buildups inside the machine because they can block and shut off the system while brewing.


Learn how to descale the Keurig coffee maker step-by-step in our detailed guide. It is recommended to descale it after every three months.

Auto Shut Off Timer

Sometimes the auto shut-off or timer causes this problem. The blocked timer prevents the brewer from turning on even if you try multiple times.


This feature isn’t present in all Keurig machines, so find out the type of machine you have, and if it includes the auto shut-off, fix it immediately.

Glitch In Technology

After trying all the possible solutions, if your coffee maker is still shutting off, it could be glitches in its internal technology.


The best way to fix it is by resetting the internal computer of the Keurig. Learn more on to reset Keurig if it isn’t turning on.

Additional Tips to Prevent Keurig Shutting Off While Brewing

Keurig Shutting Off While Brewing

If you are not getting positive outcomes after trying the above solutions, here are some tricks that always work.

  • Unplug the machine and detach the water reservoir.
  • Leave it overnight and put the reservoir back when several hours have passed.
  • Fill the water tank and run the machine to start brewing.
  • The issue could be with the outlet or electrical wire, which you can fix by trying another outlet.

If none of this work, you must call Keurig coffee makers' customer service.


Keurig keeps shutting off for multiple reasons, from simple clogging to broken parts, a dislodged magnet, and internal or thermal issues. You can easily and quickly fix all these problems to get your refreshing brewed coffee cup.

Hopefully, if not all, some of the solutions will work for you to restore the normal functioning of your machine.

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