The continuous light blinking could be due to some problem with the coffee maker. When the lights flash, the sign indicates the need for descaling, cleaning, removing blockings, and adjusting the water filter.

There could be several other possible reasons; therefore, we have put together some of them to assist you in fixing the problem without searching for every minute thing inside the lengthy user manual.

8 Reasons Why Keurig All Lights Flashing & Their Solution

Why Keurig All Lights Flashing & Their Solution

Charcoal Filter Inside The Water Tank

If all lights of your coffee maker are flashing, the issue could be with the charcoal filter inside the water tank. You can fix it in the following ways:

  • Remove the water reservoir and empty it.
  • Inspect the valve beneath the tank and at the base to see any blocking.
  • Get rid of blockings by cleaning.
  • Examine the position of the filter to ensure it’s adjusted correctly.
  • Refill the water tank and put the unit back to run the test.

Poorly Installed Water Filter

To run a test if the issue doesn’t exist in the filter, follow these steps:

  • Take a cup pod and run water-only brew at an 8-ounce cup size to get inside an empty cup.
  • Once the cup fills, measure the volume of water in the cup.
  • If it matches the selected capsule size, your brewer is working normally.
  • If not, you must fix the water filter.
  • Replace the filter or install it properly to run the test again.
  • The filter's issue has been resolved if the same water volume comes.

Clogged Exit Needle

If there is no filter in your machine, and you still need to obtain the required volume of water, try the cycle for cold water only brew three times.

If you can’t measure the same water amount after three attempts, this is the time to clean the exit needles.

Also, a dislodged magnet can cause Keuring all lights flashing continuously. The magnet usually dislodges due to brewing vibrations inside the machine.

Blue Light Flashing

If the blue light of the Keurig machine is flashing, it means the water reservoir is too low or empty.

Fix it by filling the water tank with fresh and cold water. A sufficient amount of water is necessary for K-cups machines to function normally.

If the issue persists, turn off the machine, then turn it on to make a cup of coffee.

Machine Hung At Heat Up Mode

If you have resolved all possible issues, but the red light is still flashing, your Keurig might be stuck in heat-up mode. Follow these steps to fix it:

  • Turn off the machine and remove the power outlet.
  • Detach the water tank, adjust it, and clean the exit needle as you did in the second and third methods.
  • Reposition the water reservoir and press the menu to lower the handle if Not Ready pops up.

Coffee Maker Needs Descaling

It is important to maintain cleanliness to operate your machine normally. If you haven’t cleaned it for a while, there is a high chance of debris buildup, which must be removed by descaling.

If excessive limescale has built up, you may need to descale your machine more than once.

Tightly Packed K-Cup

Another reason for the red light flash is the refillable K-cup is packed too tightly and filled with too much coffee to become so dense, preventing water from passing through it.

There may be some blocking inside the pipework of the machine, which will result in displaying descale light to flash.

You can resolve this problem by filling K-cup sparingly, keeping the liquid below the brim, and avoiding packing coffee grounds to make it fit more and more.

Time to Reset Keuring Brewer

Lastly, resetting the brewer’s brain is the ideal solution when nothing works.

  • Turn off the machine, but the lights might be blinking.
  • Press and keep holding the auto-off button
  • Do the same with cup-size buttons.
  • When all lights are turned off, release the buttons.
  • Let the Keurig machine turn on normally.
  • If it doesn’t turn on, press the power button.


Keurig all lights flashing isn’t a rare phenomenon but can occur due to any abnormality with the filter, needles, descaling, and refillable K-cups. You can prevent it by fixing all issues one by one.

We hope the tips and tricks mentioned in this guide will prove helpful. Descaling and maintaining the Keurig machine once in three months is highly recommended.

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