Descaling minerals from your Breville coffee brewer is not a big deal if you know the proper procedure. To assist you, we have compiled a simple guide on it.

Let's see what you can do to maintain the taste of your favorite drink!

How to Descale Breville Espresso Machine? - Simple Steps

Are you struggling with odd-tasting coffee? Don't worry; your Breville espresso coffee maker is the culprit. Though you maintain the cleaning, the mineral scaling can still ruin the taste of your drink.

However, you can easily descale your coffee brewer with some easy tips. Here, we have discussed some tips that will help restore your coffee's original taste. Let's dive into these steps!

Descaling Procedure

Descaling Procedure

Before proceeding with the steps to descale your Breville espresso coffee brewer, you should choose the best available chemical. Different easy-to-find chemicals - as discussed later - will prove effective, and you may go for any of them.

Let's see the exact descaling procedure with the white vinegar. The vinegar solution works very effectively by removing hard-to-clean minerals from different appliances.

Note: The rest of the procedure will be the same for all the chemicals. You can use any alternative for the vinegar solution.

1- Prepare the Vinegar Solution:

First of all, prepare the water and white vinegar solution. Mix both ingredients in equal quantities and stir them well. Ensure you have mixed them well. The solution should be enough to fill the water tank of your Breville Coffee brewer.

2- Turn the Breville Off:

Never proceed with any electrical appliance's cleaning without plugging its switch off. Safety is the foremost thing. So, plug out the coffee maker before you proceed further to descale it.

3- Fill the Water Tank With Vinegar Solution:

Pour the vinegar solution into the water tank of your coffee brewer. Fill it thoroughly so as no mineral remain stuck in any part.

4- Run the Brew Cycles:

Now, go for repeated brewing batches with the vinegar solution. Empty the water tank of the brewer.

5- Rinse the With water:

After consuming all the vinegar solution, fill the pure water in your brewer's tank. Go for different brewing cycles until the whole water is consumed.

Vinegar water may affect the taste of your coffee. So, always pay attention to cleaning the water reservoir with simple water.

6- Enjoy Your Drink:

The water brewing cycle is the last step to descale Breville coffee brewer. After this step, all the minerals from your coffee maker are cleaned. So, enjoy your favorite drink with its original taste!

Vinegar Solution Alternatives

The market contains different harmless chemicals to help you discover your Breville Brewer. So, you can go for any other option in case you can't manage vinegar solution. However, the procedure for all the solutions is the same, as discussed above.

Now, you may get confused over what alternatives you can use to remove the minerals from your companion, the Breville coffee maker. Don't worry; we have discussed some alternatives with their expected results. Let's see which one suits you the best!

1- Citric Acid Solution

Citric Acid Solution

After the vinegar, citric acid is the second best choice in our list of descaling agents. The acidic nature of this chemical makes it an effective option for removing the mineral stuck in the coffee brewer.

However, you should know the exact water and citric acid proportion for the expected results. Usually, a tablespoon of this descaling agent is enough for one gallon of water. So, prepare the solution according to this proportion.

After you have prepared the solution, the rest of the procedure is the same as mentioned above. So, follow all the above steps!

2- Lemon Juice Solution

Lemon Juice Solution

If you can't find any of the above chemicals, you can still descale your Breville coffee brewer. Yes, lemon juice is another effective agent for this purpose. It is a common household item, so it is easily available in any home.

Like some other means of citric acid, lemon is also concentrated with citrus. However, you should also take great care of the concentration of the solution. For perfect results, mix one lemon juice with two parts of water.

This descaling agent is the best choice if you are extra sensitive about your coffee's taste. However, you may have to go for more brewing cycles to descale your brewer effectively.

No matter what agent you use to descale your coffee brewer, post-descaling rinsing will not affect the taste of your coffee. So, only go for the next batch after rinsing the machine with pure water.

Moreover, out of all the above options, the white vinegar solution is the most effective one. If you have easy access to the market, you can also purchase the prepared descaling solutions for this purpose. So, select any option to remove the hard stick minerals from your coffee maker to maintain the taste.

How to Figure Out Your Breville Brewer Needs Descaling?

Sometimes, you notice the changed taste of your coffee but can't figure out the exact reason for it. Descaling your Breville brewer will help you a lot in such a situation. Yes, all coffee makers use filters to remove the high concentration of minerals in the water.

These minerals, though, don't get intimated with your coffee; keep sticking on the filter. After a certain time, the mineral layer becomes so intense that it affects the coffee taste. So, it is one symptom when your Breville machine will need to be descaled.

If you can't notice the taste for any reason, you can still judge when you should descale your brewer. If you notice a white layer around the drain of your coffee maker, it is time to go for descaling. So, it is the other symptom to judge the mineral removal time for your companion, Breville brewer.


Descaling the minerals from your Breville coffee maker is simple, but only if you know the exact process. You can easily maintain your favorite drink's taste by caring about the exact descaling time.

The procedure is perfect if you are also struggling with 'how to descale Breville espresso machine?'. You can choose any descaling agent according to their availability.

So, you are still here, which shows you are a passionate coffee lover. We have much more for you, so be with us for more updates on the brewing machines and other facts about your favorite drink!

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