In contrast, Vietnam is number one in Robusta coffee bean production.

When experiencing the bitter taste of Vietnamese coffee, the question 'How much caffeine does it have?' will surely pop up in your mind. Definitely, it has more amount of caffeine in it as compared to the Arabica beans. Let's explore all facts about this query!

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How Much Caffeine in Vietnamese Coffee? - Is It Secure?

Nothing comes before health, and being an amateur Vietnamese coffee lover; you should know this fact. You may wonder, 'Why should I know?'. Well, you should be conscious as this bitter-tasting coffee may have higher caffeine in it.

When you know the exact caffeine content in the drink you're consuming, you can maintain your daily caffeine intake. You may know that the Robusta coffee beans have higher antioxidant features and contain 60% less sugar than the Arabica. So, these are relatively bolder than the rest of the beans.

Depending on the drink size, you consume different caffeine in the form of Vietnamese coffee. A 100ml drink will deliver about 27.5mg, which is low strength. However, an eight-ounce drink contains 100mg of caffeine that is medium in strength.

Does Vietnamese Coffee Have More Caffeine?

Does Vietnamese Coffee Have More Caffeine

Knowing that the Robusta beans of Vietname are more robust than Arabica, you may wonder if Vietnamese coffee has higher caffeine content. A precise answer to this query is 'Yes.' That's why they are rich in flavor, low in sugar, and not much sweeter.

Usually, Vietnamese coffee beans come in two varieties, i.e., Drip-filter and Espresso coffee. These are warm coffee types; you can enjoy them with your favorite iced milk toppings.

In short, the major differentiating factor that puts Vietnamese and regular coffee apart is their caffeine content. The former is richer, while the latter has a lower amount. If you don't love strong coffee, this drink is not for you, and you should go for Americano.

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Reasons for Stronger Taste of Vietnamese  Coffee

Depending on the roast, the caffeine content in Vietnamese coffee varies. But it remains higher whether you roast the beans darker or lighter. Knowing this drink is stronger than the normal coffee types, let's see what makes it bitter. Here are the major reasons.

1- Dark Roasted Beans

Dark Roasted Beans

Roasting time and temperature affect the coffee flavor largely. Vietnamese coffee features dark roasted beans that are later ground to make drinks. It is possible only when the beans undergo roasting for a longer time. It is the reason for the stronger flavor of Vietnamese coffee drinks.

2- Bean Types

Bean Types

As discussed in the above section, Vietnamese coffee uses Robusta beans, which are more robust than Arabica. These beans have a bitter flavor, making the resulting drinks relatively stronger in taste.

3- Brewing Type

Brewing Type

The bitterness of coffee flavor largely depends on the filter used in the brewer machine to brew a cup. A special filter, called the 'Philip filter,' is mostly used in Vietnamese coffee makers. It allows more coffee grounds to get mixed with the water resulting in a strong flavor. So, the drink is more bitter than the rest in the series.

Vietnamese Coffee Types

Vietnamese Coffee Types

After knowing that Vietnamese coffee has a strong flavor and higher caffeine content, you may categorize them as bitter-flavored drinks. Thinking so is wrong; you can add some extra ingredients to make a unique taste for each coffee session with your friends. Depending upon the addition you make to this coffee, you can get the following varieties of flavors.

1- Sweet Vietnamese Coffee: This name may stir your mind, and you may think, 'How can a bitter-tasting coffee be sweeter?'. Your confusion is 100% right, but you can make sweet Vietnamese coffee too. It is possible by adding condensed milk to your drink after brewing.

To your surprise, there are sub-categories of sweet Vietnamese coffee. Yes, you can get the following three flavors out of it;

  • Iced sweet Vietnamese coffee
  • Hot sweet Vietnamese  coffee
  • Iced black sweet Vietnamese coffee
  • Hot black sweet Vietnamese coffee

2- Egg Vietnamese Coffee: The scarcity of milk in Vietnam in 1940 led to the invention of Egg Vietnamese coffee. Making a cup is easy by topping the brewed drink with an egg layer. It is the most popular type among Vietnamese tourists.

3- Yogurt Vietnamese Coffee: Like the other popular and unique flavored coffee types, yogurt is also one of the most loved drinks worldwide. You can prepare it by topping the fermented rice, yogurt, and fruits in the brewed coffee cup.

4- Coconut Vietnamese Coffee: Making this mouth-watering recipe is quite easy as the whole procedure is identical to sweet Vietnamese coffee. Just replace the condensed sweet milk with coconut milk and mix it with the brewed drink. You'll love this iconic drink after your first try.

5- Fruity Vietnamese Coffee Smoothie: Being a South Asian nation, how can Vietnamese forget the fruit smoothies mixed with coffee? So, they did it by perking up the fruits like avocado, mango, and banana with coffee. Fruity Vietnamese coffee smoothies are best for those who love energized drinks. If you are also the one, never miss enjoying this drink!

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Vietnamese coffee is famous for its strong and bold flavor among coffee enthusiasts. If you are also an amateur coffee consumer, you should know about the caffeine content in different drinks.

As far as Vietnamese coffee is concerned, it has more caffeine content than the rest of the categories. We have discussed all the essential facts you should know to understand how much caffeine in Vietnamese coffee is. Hopefully, this precise guide will help you maintain your daily caffeine intake in the form of any drink.

We have many episodes on brewers and coffee types for coffee enthusiasts. You are still with us, which shows you're a passionate coffee lover, so stay connected for more updates. Enjoy your drinks!

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