According to an extensive study by International Coffee Organization, an artificially flavored cup of coffee doesn’t include extra calories, sugars, or carbs. The additional flavor is simply concentrated oil added to the coffee. A mug of flavored coffee can typically have two calories. A regular Starbucks cup of black coffee has almost 2 to 4 calories.

However, coffee made with sugar or syrup typically contains more calories. If you are planning to cut back some calories, this article will help you understand the total calories and some tips to keep your drinks as healthy as possible.

Do Flavored Coffees Have Calories? - Let’s Count It

Do Flavored Coffees Have Calories - Let’s Count It

Processed foods and beverages sometimes contain hidden calories that you may unknowingly add to your diet. To cut those extra calories, you do not need to skip your morning coffee but getting flavored coffees without noticing their nutritional value can compromise your health.

Most flavored coffees at popular coffee hotspots have sufficient calories, such as a Dunkin’ Donuts 16-ounce Vanilla latte having 310 calories, while a Starbucks 16-ounce Caramel Frappuccino has 280 calories.

These drinks are loaded with artificial flavors, cream, syrup, and color sugars that increase your daily calorie intake. But you can avoid intaking those extra calories by simply taking flavored coffee beans.

Here are some calculated numbers of calories per 8 ounces in commonly consumed flavored coffees:

  • Iced black coffee contains two calories
  • Brewed coffee made from flavored beans contains two calories
  • A flavored latte contains 134 calories
  • Cold Press 2 calories
  • Non-fat cappuccino contains 46 calories.

The coffee calories vary depending on the type of milk used for preparing it, the quantity of sugar, and additional ingredients such as syrups.

What Are The Types of Flavored Coffees?

To understand the calorie count in coffee, you must know its types. The flavored coffees are usually made with fruits, vanilla, chocolate, nuts, and caramel extractions. Flavored coffee has two types, i.e., coffee beans and coffee syrup.

What Are The Types of Flavored Coffees

Coffee Syrup

Whether you are making coffee at home or buying it from Starbucks, if you can’t avoid adding some pumps of sweet syrup, it will add excessive sugar to your cup of coffee.

Sugar isn’t healthy as it leads to diabetes, heart disorders, ADD (ADHD), or obesity. At the same time, coffee syrups are thirty times sweeter than white sugar. So, adding an ounce of caramel syrup will add 19 g of sugar and 80 calories to your flavored coffee. One ounce means four syrup pumps; at Starbucks, you get seven syrups to add flavor to your coffee.

Syrups containing high amounts of fructose corn affect blood sugar, taking it from skyrocketing to destructing levels.

Coffee Beans

Flavored coffee beans contain fewer calories than you get through coffee syrups, but they are not less harmful. Certain additives make them more harmful than coffee syrup.

Your favorite coffee beans flavored as Bavarian Creme, Caramel Macchiato, Rasberry, and Pumpkin Spice sound tempting, but the preparation of beans may prevent you from trying them again.

Coffee beans are flavored using propylene glycol, which is safe to intake in small quantities, but prolonged exposure can irritate skin and mucous membranes. A significant amount of potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate are also present, which are highly carcinogenic.

These heavily flavored coffee beans are sometimes hidden; cheap products seem only superficially delighting.

How Many Calories Are In Naturally Flavored Coffee

It is much better to cherish your natural flavor for coffee instead of trying artificially flavored coffees containing tons of sugar, cream, and other ingredients. If you can’t resist coffee's sweet and chocolaty taste, Dark Brazilian coffee beans are rich in flavor.

Ethiopian blends are ideal if you are likelier toward fruity coffee flavor. Coffee has many natural flavors, such as vanilla beans, cocoa, honey, maple syrup, and cinnamon.

To switch from artificially flavored coffees to naturally flavored, healthy coffee, you must cut off those hotspots and gradually progress towards a healthy lifestyle.

How Many Calories Do Flavored K-Cups Contain

A regular K-cup of black coffee contains 2 to 4 calories, but the flavored K-cups with more calorie count are also available. A flavored K-cup has 60 calories. A mocha or hazelnut-flavored small coffee cup contains 70 calories.

You can estimate the calories easily by checking the back of the nutrition label.

If there are extra ingredients, it means the coffee has sufficient calories. In case of no ingredient, your coffee is simple without many calories.

You can also want to count the caffeine content in coffee, K-cup caffeine chart will help a lot.

How Many Calories Do Flavored K-Cups Contain

Can You Add Flavor to Coffee Beans At Home

If it’s unavoidable for you to give up on your morning Caramel Macchiato, there is a way to add flavor to your coffee at home. You can infuse coffee beans with particular flavorings. The flavored bean you choose must match the flavor you want to give your coffee. A chocolaty-flavored bean won’t work if you want a cinnamony vanilla taste from your coffee.

All you need to do is to add spices to the coffee grounds when brewing. Add the pumpkin spice, apple pie spice blend, nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon.

You can also make flavored coffee syrups with less sugar and calories by keeping the amount at a moderate level.


Do Flavored Coffee Pods Have Calories?

Adding natural and artificial flavors to the coffee adds no significant nutritional value. As a cup of black coffee contains 2 to 4 calories, flavored coffee typically adds 0.8 calories, 0 fat, and 0.3 g carbs. K-cup pods made with ground coffee contain zero calories.

Does Flavored Coffee Have Carbs?

Flavored coffee beans do not include carbs if infused with flavors that vanish right after roasting. However, coffee flavored with syrups, steamed milk, and other ingredients contains many carbs and calories.

Wrapping Up

So, do flavored coffees have calories? The answer is simple, flavored coffee may or may not contain calories depending on the flavorings used. Your cup of flavored coffee can go from zero to over a hundred calories if you switch from coffee beans to sugary syrups.

Instead of these flavors, you can add artificial sweeteners and skim milk to reduce extra calorie count without sacrificing delicious flavor.

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