Of course, you can make it using coarse or fine-ground coffee. Most experts use coarse-ground coffee, but some also use regular-ground coffee. Coarse ground coffee is often recommended for making cold brews because it normally takes 12 to 24 hours, allowing water to absorb maximum flavor. While Fine ground often leads to bitterness if you brew it longer. In this article, we have shared all the tips and easy procedures to make a cold brew at home.

If you use a Ninja blender, you should know the grinding coffee beans' capability.

Can You Make Cold Brew With Ground Coffee

In a few years, only coarsely ground coffee beans were used to make cold brews, making it confusing to use regular ground coffee. Yes, you can make cold brews, but you must choose the right ground size because fine ground can make the drink too bitter, while coarse is best to enrich flavor extraction.

However, there is only a slightly different, and your finely ground coffee can also be used to make Kyoto-style cold brew.

How to Make Cold Brew With Ground Coffee?

Usually, medium, dark roast coffee beans are used for making cold brew coffee due to oil and acid enrichment. When these ingredients dissolve in water, they add more flavor and smoothness.

How to Make Cold Brew With Ground Coffee

Follow these steps if you want to make cold brew with ground coffee.

Ingredients You Need

There are the following items you must have to make a mouth-watering cold brew:

  • Coffee beans
  • Water
  • Filter
  • Scale
  • Stainer

You can use a Mason jar or French press to make a cold brew, or an airtight container can help.

Grind The Coffee

You can skip this step if you have selected finely or coarsely ground coffee. But if you are starting from scratch, you must ground coffee beans. Regular grind coffee tastes much better than coarse brew grind.

Kyoto-style cold brew can also be made using the drip method, where water filters slowly out of the grounds, improving the flavor.

Brewing Cold Brew

Next comes the brewing phase, which is done with regular grind coffee using some brew coffee maker such as a drip tower. These drip coffee brewers have been divided into the upper chamber for water or ice, the middle for ground coffee, and the lower for collecting cold brews.

You can add ground coffee at the mid-chamber and water at the upper chamber to make a cold brew. However, you must adjust the drip to decide the drops of water that need to be added to ground coffee. The paper filter placed in the path restricts the direct falling of water on the coffee,

Then all you need to do is to wait for almost 24 hours to sever.

You can use other coffee brewing machines for this purpose, and if you already have one, that’s perfect.

Wait For Steep Time

If you are someone who can’t wait for longer, you can try any method other than this drip method because it usually requires 24 hours to brew coffee. It usually takes 16 to 18 hours to make cold brews using coarse ground coffee, but the wait will not go wasted due to the flavorful taste. Remember that it is worth the wait.

Additional Tips

To take the cold brew-making experience with fine ground coffee to the next level, you must know some secret tips we will share with you.

Wait For Steep Time
  • It is highly recommended to refrigerate the final item when you have used the slow-drip method for brewing ground coffee. The delicacy of the drink will last long.
  • You must use cold water rather than room-temperature water to make cold brews. Adding ice cubes in the upper chamber of the drip tower is also suggested.
  • Choose the coffee filter wisely for coffee making.
  • A paper filter is useful, but a metal filter is much better.

Can You Make Cold Brew With Fine Ground Coffee? - Do’s & Dont’s

Fine ground coffee is perfect for making cold brews, but there are some considerations you must follow. You will need a small amount of coffee with some other advantages.

Can You Make Cold Brew With Fine Ground Coffee

However, here are some things important to know for using fine-grind coffee.

  • You should not use warm water to speed up brewing. A temperature such as 110℉ to 120℉ is completely unsuitable because instead of increasing flavor, it will increase the acidity.
  • It is not good to grind coffee beans for too long as they can heat up. You want to make a cold brew that doesn’t require any heating. You must grind them for 1 to 3 seconds, which will be fine.
  • Like grinding time, you should also be careful about brewing time and not brewing it longer.
  • Also, you must use the right amount of ground coffee. Fine ground coffee makes a strong brew that results from the contact of coffee beans with water. So, increasing the beans will ruin the taste, and you must keep it minimum.
  • Though the coarse ground is easy to filter, difficulty arises in the case of fine-ground coffee. You can solve this without stirring the ground after brewing, as most will sit at the bottom when you pour coffee.


What is the best ratio for a cold brew with ground coffee

The ideal coffee-to-water ratio is 1:10, and the cold brew from it tastes so delicious. It doesn’t taste too strong and provides an enriched, soothing effect. If you want to make a concentrated cold brew, you can try the 1:6 or 1:8 ratios. However, the bitterness and acidic taste will also increase by changing the ideal ratio.

Why does my cold brew coffee taste weak?

There could be multiple reasons, but you must ensure you have spent enough steep time because hastening up makes the taste weak. Also, the least amount of ground used can give a bland taste to the drink.

What type of coffee grounds does Starbucks use to make cold brews?

Coarse ground coffee is most used at Starbucks to prepare cold brews. The size of the grounds is almost equal to the raw sugar. They prefer using the best coffee beans, such as the Arabica blend from Narino, Colombia.


Summarizing can you make a cold brew with ground coffee? We hope you are now familiar with the types of grounds, their sizes, tastes, and their effect on making the perfect cold brew. To simplify the process, you can get grinding filters and follow all the tips we have mentioned.

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