It is possible with a single multifunctional appliance, the Ninja Blender. Yes, you can use it to grind the coffee beans to prepare a unique-tasting cup of coffee.

This guide will assist you greatly if you are struggling with "Can Ninja Blender grind coffee beans?" as we will crack all the facts about this query. So, let's get started without any delay.

Can Ninja Blender Grind Coffee Beans? - Brewing Tips

Knowing all the functionalities of the Ninja blender will open the door to fresh and tasty drinks. Being far more than a simple blender, it can perform various functions for you. So, such a kitchen appliance will save you money, space, and time simultaneously.

Most people love enjoying fresh and natural coffee using a single outlet, i.e., a Ninja blender. But all this is possible when you know how to use it for different purposes.

Let's see the pros and cons of using the Ninja blender to grind your coffee beans. Moreover, we'll be discussing a precise procedure for it. So, let's get started with it!

How to Grind Coffee Beans in a Ninja Blender?

How to Grind Coffee Beans in a Ninja Blender

Ninja Blender is a jack of all trades that can perform your different tasks solely. Yes, it is true, and you can have a fresh drink every time you have this appliance in your home. Using it to grind your beans doesn't need to master complex rocket science.

Learning a simple but precise procedure will be enough for you if you are struggling with “Can you grind coffee beans in a Ninja blender?”. Here is an easy guide on 'how to use a Ninja blender to grind coffee beans?'.

1- Prepare the Ninja Blender for Action

 Prepare the Ninja Blender for Action

Proper cleaning and drying are necessary before grinding your beans with the Ninja blender. If you ignore this step, the coffee taste may suffer. So, clean the blender properly and ensure it is completely dry.

Then check all your electrical connections and ensure the machine has properly plugged in. Any ignorance may lead to severe interruption or even any unexpected accident.

2- Select Your Favorite Texture

Select Your Favorite Texture

Once you have done the basic essential steps, decide the texture you want for your coffee beans. If you ignore it, you may face different results in the end. So, determine the thickness you want to see as a final result.

3- Go For Grinding Pulses

Go For Grinding Pulses

You can easily prevent any post-grinding trouble when you check the grinding progress. It is impossible when you go for a single batch.

So, dump the coffee beans in the blender and run it in pulses. It will assist you in checking the consistency of the texture of the beans. Moreover, it will prevent the overheating of the machine's blades.

4- Keep Stirring the Mixture

Keep Stirring the Mixture

Use a spatula to stir the coffee beans during grinding. Doing so will prevent the possible clumping of the beans. So, each time you pulse the blender, keep mixing the ground mixture.

5- Reach the Required Results

When you decide on the texture of the ground beans, you have finalized the desired thickness. So, keep grinding the beans in pulses unless you have reached the expected results.

6- Remove the Beans and Clean the Blender

Remove the Beans and Clean the Blender

Never ignore cleaning and drying your blender to avoid the possible odd smells and affected taste. So, empty your blender and set its parts apart. Clean each part separately and fix it to prepare it for the next batch.

Here you have done grinding the coffee beans, and you can enjoy the batches of fresh coffee.

Grinding Coffee Beans in Ninja Blender: Pros and Cons

Grinding Coffee Beans in Ninja Blender

It is not always right to say that using your Ninja blender to grind the coffee beans is a wise idea. There are some drawbacks too associated with grinding beans in this appliance.

Here are the possible advantages and disadvantages of using the Ninja blender to crush your coffee beans.


These are the most prominent advantages of using the Ninja blender as a coffee beans grinder.

1- Effortless Cleaning

Post-grinding cleaning is very simple when you use your Ninja blender to crush the coffee beans. Some other fancy outlets may give you a tough time when it comes to cleaning them. It is one of the plus points of using the Ninja machine as a coffee beans grinder.

2- Space Friendly Outlet

Ninja blender is very compact and can fit very tight spaces. Moreover, it will perform different functions for you, and you don't need to stuff separate appliances in your kitchen. That's why it is a space-friendly choice that will not need much space to fit in.

3- Cost Effective Choice

You don't need a separate grinder to grind the coffee beans when you have a Ninja blending machine in your compact kitchen. So, there is no need to invest in a special grinder. So, using the same machine for different functions is a money-saving idea.

4- Fresh Flavor

Using freshly ground beans for your drink will be a more soothing experience than brewing a drink with pre-ground beans. So, you can enjoy a session of fresh drink every time.


Here are the most obvious disadvantages of using the Ninja blender to grind coffee beans.

1- A Bitter Experience

Grinding the coffee beans in a Ninja blender may sometimes taste bitter. Some people love such a taste, but it can be a flaw for others who love smooth tastes.

2- Varying Texture

Sometimes, grinding the coffee beans in the Ninja blender may not result in a constant texture. So, the vulnerability to consistency is another drawback of using this machine to grind the beans.


Sometimes you may get confused over "Can I grind the coffee beans in a blender?". It is clear from the above discussion that using a Ninja blender to grind the coffee beans is possible.

Though there are some drawbacks of using a blender to grind the coffee beans, those are not too severe to bear. If you love a relatively bitter taste and are okay with a bit of varying texture, grinding the beans in this machine is not a fault.

We have useful updates for passionate coffee lovers. So, be with us for more updates on coffee pods, brewers, and blenders!

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